Ricosta and Pepino (our little ones) shoes cover a wide range of sizes, from EU 18 to 43. Since the width of your child's foot also plays an important role, we have a variety of styles to accommodate your needs. Our shoes are created with you in mind, with great designs and useful features.  Breathable high-tech materials such as the SympaTex® membrane,  offer 100% waterproof footwear  but allowing an optimal foot climate. Here moisture is transported to the outside, but at the same time no moisture penetrates inside. Made with German precision,  our children’s shoes combine durability, comfortability and style.  They are manufactured to a high quality; made with soft breathable leather and a light flexible PU sole. 

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In 1955, Ricosta became a registered brand (Rieker and CO STAbil) and in 1957 RICOSTA had a ‘top out’ ceremony at the company headquarters in Donaueschingen, which is still in use today.  11 years later, Roland Riker lead the company in independence and established RICOSTA as the brand for modern shoes for children and teens. In 1977, Roland Bieger took over as Managing Director, and in 1978, the PEPINO brand was introduced.  Our ‘fine shoes for small feet’ conquered the training shoe market. In 1994, RICOSTA become the world’s first shoe manufacturer to injection-mould non-toxic, light polyurethane soles (PU soles) directly to the uppers without using adhesives.  The patented process was seen as pioneering achievement in the shoe industry. In 1996, after 19 years of leadership, Roland Bieger handed the company’s reins to Ralph Rieker, son of the company founder, but he stayed connected as a senior advisor. In late November 2014, Donaueschingen produces their eighty millionth pair of shoes. Today, RICOSTA share their long tradition with about 800 employees in five production facilities in the EU, producing appox. 2,000,000 pairs of shoes per year.  They continue to take their success into the future.


1993: RICOSTA received the German Leather Award (Deutscher Lederwarenpries) for the first time.

1999: RICOSTA became the first and only European child’s shoe manufacturer to be validated according to the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and certified according to the eco-management standard DIN EN ISO 14001. 

2003: RICOSTA receives the third German Leather Goods Award.

2005: RICOSTA supports and sponsors the WMS Children’s Feet Measuring Event, the world’s largest study to analyse data on the foot movements of children aged 3-13. 

2007: RICOSTA receives the fourth German Leather Goods Award  The winning shoe’s best features include colour, design and sole construction.

2009: RICOSTA receives the fifth German Leather Goods Award for a PEPINO style with transparent inserts and rainbow soles.

2010: RICOSTA receives the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD in Gold for RICOSA Mountain, the outdoor shoe for children.

2011: RICOSTA receives the first reddot Design Award for the PEPINO Krabbelmaxe toddler shoe.